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Android cuddly toy to head App Plush line (pictures)

Android cuddly toy to head App Plush line (pictures)

Android cuddly toy to head App Plush line (pictures)


Android cuddly toy to head App Plush line (pictures)


Toy maker Character Options has created a new range of plush toys based on popular smartphone applications and, even, an operating system. Called App Plush, the range features 5-inch plush toys using characters from Fruit Ninja, Cut the Rope, Doodle Jump and the Android icon from the mobile platform.

Pocket-lint got to fondle the cuddly range at Toy Fair 2012 in London and were somewhat surprised that, not only is there a strawberry, apple and pineapple from Fruit Ninja on offer, but the dreaded life-ending bomb is included too.

In the Cut the Rope range, there are two Om Noms to collect; one open-mouthed and one looking more traditionally gormless.

Unfortunately, the Doodle Jump main character wasn't available to us, but the officially-licensed Android plush was there in force. Several colours are available, as well as the conventional green, including blue and red, and each of them have "Android" emblazoned in bold across their, ahem, posteriors.

Prices and availability are unknown at present, but we would expect them to start invading UK stores soon.

We'll let you know more, including stockists, when more details are available.


Does having a 5-inch plush give Android a leg up against the boring, non-cuddly toy sporting iOS? Let us know in the comments below...


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