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APP OF THE DAY: StumbleUpon review (Android and iOS)

APP OF THE DAY: StumbleUpon review (Android and iOS)

APP OF THE DAY: StumbleUpon review (Android and iOS)

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The internet is a vast and cavernous place. In fact, it’s often so very big that it’s impossible to find anything of interest at all. With absolutely anything you can think of available to read about online, it’s sometimes difficult to think of anything to search for.

That’s where today’s App of the Day on Pocket-lint comes in handy. It’s an oldie but a very goodie indeed, and one that’s just turned up on our handsets.


StumbleUpon has arrived on mobile phones pretty much everywhere now that it’s brought its fresh-faced good looks to Google Play, nee the Android Market. The service has been around on iOS for a while but, seeing as we haven’t featured it before on App of the Day, then what better time?

For those who haven’t used StumbleUpon’s original browser version before, then exactly where have you been? It’s a social bookmarking tool where you can effectively like and dislike web pages. On its own, that sounds rather dull but the fun part is that all of that information is collated and crunched by the StumbleUpon engine which then profiles all of the bookmarked pages by category as well as by how popular they are. You can then enjoy whole experience the other way around by asking Stumble to recommend to you web pages that it thinks you’ll like. Very nice and a sensational way to waste time on your computer.

The app, of course, means that the whole experience has been tailored for mobile and it offers pretty much everything you could need. There are boiled-down screens where you can choose subject material that you’re interested in; a decent UI with a menu bar at the bottom where you can like, dislike and share; and also the baked-in add-on for Android that allows you to Stumble web pages you come across when you’re in your standard mobile browser.

It’s all put together pretty well but, while the tablet version is very tidy, we did find the experience to be not quite as great on mobile. A lot of pages you get taken to aren’t very small-screen friendly and it takes a little manual pinching and zooming to get the aspect right. That said, browsing in landscape makes things a little better.

Nonetheless, StumbleUpon is a very decent app indeed. Fans of the desktop version should download it without hesitation and it’s definitely worth a look in for any lapsed users too. Great on boring bus journeys, or even on the loo


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