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Barack Obama ready to Hangout in Google+ circles

Barack Obama ready to Hangout in Google+ circles

Barack Obama ready to Hangout in Google+ circles

Barack Obama ready to Hangout in Google+ circles. Online, YouTube, Google+, Barack Obama 1


Ever wanted to hangout with President Obama? It's not likely to happen given his busy schedule and the fact that he's always surrounded by a team of trained assassins. Not a hangout with a lower case h at least, but a Hangout is on the cards.

That's right, the man whose friends call him Bazza (we imagine), is to take to Google+ for a mass Hangout - answering questions that Joe Public asks of him via YouTube and the Big G's social network. And not just Joe either but anyone who fancies pitching a puzzler at the President.

The live online interview takes place on 30 January, just a few days after his State of the Union address to the US.

From now until 28 January you can visit the White House YouTube channel to submit your video or text questions and vote on your favourite questions from other Googlers.

"Your YouTube questions will drive the interview, and several participants with top-voted questions will be selected to join the President in the Google+ Hangout to take part in the conversation live," explained Ramya Raghavan, YouTube news and politics manager.

Video questions are to be no longer than 20 seconds, Obama is a man with not much spare time after all. And nor would you be if you had your own bowling alley at your house.

The live interview takes place at 10.30pm UK time.

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