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Help write a hit song through Budweiser's Facebook page

Help write a hit song through Budweiser's Facebook page

Help write a hit song through Budweiser's Facebook page

For Big Time finalist Laura Jeanne

Help write a hit record through Budweiser's Facebook page


Budweiser is offering its Facebook followers the chance to make music history by asking them to collaborate with singer-songwriter Laura Jeanne on a forthcoming single. Participants are invited to submit lyrics to a song about "dreaming big" and the very best will be incorporated into the final version, to be released in June.

Laura Jeanne is a UK artist and finalist in Budweiser's Big Time talent show screened on ABC in the US. Her track will be offered as a free download on the Budweiser Facebook page, which has more than 150,000 followers in the UK alone, so there's plenty of potential listeners.

"The Social Song" is believed to be the first of its kind, with an unprecedented number of participants who could, technically, collaborate. Those wishing to take part should head over to the Budweiser UK Facebook page, where a dedicated tab appeared at 11am today.

"To win a spot as a finalist on a show like Budweiser’s The BIG TIME was a dream come true," said Jeanne.

"Having this platform to start my career and follow my ambition to become an artist is brilliant and I hope everyone wants to be part of my new song. It’s so exciting to realise that so many people can be involved."

The submission process finishes on 25 May and the finished song will be available to download on the page from 11 June.

Do you think the final song will be a success? Let us know in the comments below.

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