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Rebel Android Market ready to house naughty apps

Rebel Android Market ready to house naughty apps

Rebel Android Market ready to house naughty apps

Rebel Android Market ready to house naughty apps. Apps, Android apps, Android Market, Google, CyanogenMod 0



  • A rebel Android developer, part of the CyanogenMod team and the creator of ClockworkMod, Koushik Dutta, is working on an alternative Android Market; one that will host the types of apps that have been banned from Google’s official portfolio.

    We're not talking the dodgy clone apps here; Angry Boards and the like, the CyanogenMod App Store will house apps such as one click root apps, emulators, tether apps, visual voicemail apps and so on.

    Dutta is keen to point out that they'll be no law breaking it the alternative store though; "Nintendo emulators are fine," he states, "ROMs are not, there is a distinction."

    The ability to root your Android phone is a contentious one amongst device manufacturers (who have dithered and been inconsistent with their bootloading stances) but, whilst Google still allows for apps that require a rooted device into the official App Store, there will always be a need for a service like the one Dutta is suggesting.

    Dutta has just posted an update to an earlier post (on Google+) about the rogue app store and has published a screen print of the app submission form - so it looks as if it's almost primed for launch.

    No word on whether he's managed to convince Amazon to get on board yet though, he had indicated that the e-retail giant may be interested in hooking up "in a few months"....

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Diposting pada : Senin, 23 Januari 12 - 21:17 WIB
Dalam Kategori : ANDROID
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