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APP OF THE DAY: Nando's review (iPhone/Android) . Apps, Android apps, iPhone apps, App of the day 0


  • Some apps are brilliant because they bring you hours of entertainment. Some apps are brilliant because they save you time, giving to access to services you need. Some apps are brilliant because Nando's peri-peri chicken tastes delicious. 

    Today's App Of The Day isn't the greatest app for a restaurant, but it is innovative as aesthetically pleasing none the less. This is one for the Nando's-aholic; if you don't care for Nando's, then why not pick one of our other 380+ app reviews to read instead?




    Android Market/iTunes

    The Nando's app has landed on both iOS and Android and is something of a surprise. The app is based around a wheel offering three basic functions: meeting, checkin and finding restaurants.

    The latter is to be expected, although it doesn't really offer anything that Google Maps won't already do. You can search for the nearest restaurant which pulls up a Google Map (scrollable) so you can pinpoint it. Great for those desperate moments when you need peri-peri chicken and you don't know where you are. You can then get directions, address info and contact details to phone through your order.

    Nandos review Nandos review

    There is a generic "search for Nando's" option, but we'd take the results with a pinch of perinaise, as our search for a Harrow postcode reported that the nearest restaurant was in Oldham, some 198 miles away, rather than round the corner on Station Road. 

    The other two options - Chick in and Meet at Nando's - are more interesting as they leverage Facebook. Chick in uses Facebook checkin to let you broadcast the fact that you're chowing down on chicken in pitta, extra hot, with no mayo. It doesn't, however, seem to recognise previous "checkins" you have in Facebook before using the app.

    The final section, Meet at Nando's uses Facebook to arrange an event. Using the app you go through and give the event a name and invite attendees and give them a time and place. Of course, you're not booking a table, this is Nando's after all, not the Ivy. At the end of it you'll get a Facebook event dropped into your Timeline and notifications sent to friends.

    So it isn't the greatest app in the world in terms of functionality, but at least Nando's is honest about that. In the "feedback" area of the app it mentions that there is work on the next version, which will include the menu. Hopefully that will let you select what each person at your table wants, and how hot, to make those massive orders easier.

    As we said, it isn't the greatest app in the world, but it is one step closer to the wonderment that is Nando's peri-peri chicken. Now all we need is an app for Herman Ze German... 

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